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A few words about the Reggio Emilia approach

We believe that our Reggio Emilia inspired program is the best approach for learning for young children. We offer our families an enriching environment that is supportive and allows children to learn through exploration and discovery.

Reggio Emilia values the child as strong capable and resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge.

Our curriculum is driven by the child’s interests and supported with project based learning, that allows them to explore, ask questions and challenge themselves to solve problems and construct new knowledge.

Some of the main features of Reggio Emilia approach are

Self guided curriculum

Children are given the freedom to explore their interests and pursue projects with the help of a teacher.

Multi-modal Learning

Children are encouraged to express themselves and their ideas in many ways. They are guided to use a wide range of artistic media such as painting building sculpting and drama.

Project-based learning

Children are given short and long term projects that reflect their interests, with guidance from the teacher.

Teacher support

Our teachers observe children to see what interests them, connecting with them with meaningful activities. Work is posted so that teacher, children and parent can view their progress through the year.

Parent involvement

Parents are encouraged to be active in their child's early years education by adopting Reggio principals in their home or take part in field trips and day to day interactions and interest of their children.

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